The Gift That Keeps On Giving


As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us -Psalm 103 v 12 KJV

Forgiveness is the act of pardoning another in spite of his or her errors, shortcomings, or wrong actions. God forgives sin. He is a God of grace and pardon who sent His son, Jesus Christ to die for all humankind. Christ in his death and resurrection triumphed over sin. To be forgiven is to be identified with Christ in the full victory of His crucifixion and resurrection. His forgiveness is complete. Dwight .L. Moody once said, “God  has cast our confessed sins into the depth of the sea, and He’s even put a  ‘No Fishing’ sign over the spot” The Bible promises that if you confess your sins to God, He is faithful and just and will forgive your sins.

In the Lord’s Prayer, You ask God to ‘forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us’. Though you are commanded to forgive others as you have been forgiven by God, sometimes you may have trouble moving from intellectual assent into true forgiveness. A friend can let you down, you might a victim of something horrible, someone you trusted betrays you etc. It is hard to forgive when you are really hurt. But it is even more difficult to forgive those who hurt or mistreat your loved ones, especially your children. As a woman, you are fiercely protective of your family, and if someone has done something hurtful to those you love, you are more ready to seek revenge than to offer forgiveness. But anger or bitterness does not resolve the problem. Iit only adds fuel to the fire.

When it is difficult to forgive, you must turn to God asking the ability to forgive. This kind of forgiveness becomes a  healing gift. Forgiveness releases God to work in a situation and transform it. As long as forgiveness is resisted, you stay locked in the same situation- one adversary facing another, waiting for someone to acknowledge wrongdoing. Forgiveness is an act of pardon. When we pardon others and ourselves, God is released to create a new dynamic of reconciliation and transformation – turning a negative situation into an opportunity for positive change. The gift of forgiveness can release you from the cycle of wrongdoing and blame.

Choosing to forgive is a tremendous step toward breaking the chain of pain and entering into freedom. It takes a great deal of courage to let go of the past, release the pain, and allow forgiveness to enter your heart. It means that you have to stop judging who is right and who is wrong. Instead, you learn to look past the behavior of those who hurt you and begin to see their pain and their need for forgiveness

Every day there is a decision to make. When feelings of pain, sorrow, or anger arise, choose not to dwell in them and not to nurse old grudges. Acknowledge the pain, release it to God in forgiveness and move on. When you are tempted to judge or criticize others, choose to replace your negative thought with a more loving attitude, When you fail to live up to your own standards, acknowledge your failings to God and then release your failings, knowing that as He forgives you,so you can forgive yourself. ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy’. The Beatitude are a reminder that if yo truly want to be like Christ, you must choose the path of forgiveness, just as He did.

You can choose God’s way of forgiveness even in difficult situations. As long as you hold something against anyone, you hold it in your heart as well. And when you hold anger and judgement in your heart, you keep the door closed to God’s healing power. When the situation is too difficult and complex to understand, forgiveness can release you from having to judge. And this allows God to work in the situation as He wills

Give the responsibility over to God and concentrate on doing your part to make things right. Give the gift of forgiveness as an offering to God, trusting that He will work all things together for your good. C.H Spurgeon said, ‘We are certain that there is forgiveness, because there is a gospel, and the very essence of the gospel lies in the proclamation of the pardon of sin’. Open the door to love through forgiveness. Let love transcend trespasses. Let love transform your relationships. FORGIVE!!!






I am absolutely petrified with what I am about to do.

As 2017 is gradually packing up, I am absolutely afraid!! You see when you make a promise to man it is very easy for you to renegade on that promise but when you make a promise to GOD – that is a different ball game.

You see for years!!!! I always made a promise to God that;
I will start from Genesis and read my bible all through to Revelations. Yeah right!! Who hasn’t made that resolution? But I don’t know why I have not been able to get away with this promise for at least the past 2-3 years. Each December since 2014 have seen me being verrry afraid because I knew that a new year which I was expected to fulfill my promise was close by. Late last year was really bad but I hid behind the fact that I had my thesis to conclude. Got away with that!!
From 20th December this year I v been hearing in my spirit the same reminder. I woke up this morning with a vague recollection that both Genesis and Revelation were in dream ( the really frightening thing was that these two books of the bible became human and we were chatting)

So here am I saying yes Lord. Do you feel like I do? Are you a woman and you want to take on this journey with me? I must warn I am not a good bible scholar but if you want to take up this journey know that we will do our best to achieve this together. If you are led then call, send me a text message or even whatsapp me on 07037670521 so that I can add u up to the group.

Joshua 1 v 8, Do not let this Book ( Bible) of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

How do we become prosperous and successful in 2018 and beyond if we don’t come close to the owner of the earth?

This takes me to another area that I struggle with and that is waking up in the midnight to pray. I can watch movies for Africa!!! And I can give a million reasons why I should sleep after watching the movie. I v never been consistent with praying, I also know that quite a lot of women have this challenge. So my dear friends if you want to up your game spiritually, I mean taking your spiritual life in your hands, then chat me up, text me, whatsapp me on 07037670521.




Divine Appiontments

divine appointment

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day will bring forth (Prov. 27v1  NIV)

2017 is about to end. We started this year with so many lofty ideas. We prepared spiritually for 2017, we fasted, we spoke the word(appropriated the word sef) to ensure that we ran with the vision of this year. Some of us through the help of God actually realized our dreams , visions and missions in 2017 however as the year is winding up we should strategise on how our 2018 is going to be. One of the ways to do that is understanding the place of divine appointments.

No matter how we plan and prepare for the coming year, each day to the end of this year and even into the coming year brings its own unexpected encounters. No matter how predictable and mundane your life may feel, surprises always wait around the corner. These are called divine appointments. A divine appointment may be wonderful contact with a long -lost friend (primary, secondary or even university classmate), it could be a chance meeting in the elevator, it could be an unexpected emergency that takes you to a hospital waiting room. Chances abound or the way God will divinely order your steps. You have to be alert in the spirit and expectant!!!Sometimes, it may just be that that you reaches a long desired goal or that situations made it impossible that you had toput aside a cherished goal. You see my sista, there will always be many detours, good and bad situations  that will be scattered along your path

Sometimes again divine encounters can be dramatic and surprising. When an angel came to Mary she was afraid but she said yes to God. Jesus confronted Paul on the road to Damascus, and Paul’s entire life changed with that encounter. Philip met the Ethiopian eunuch on the road and ended up explaining the Scriptures to him and baptizing him. But not all divine appointments take place in unusual circumstances. God often brings people together in the course of their daily activities. Paul met Lydia when he went down to the river to where a regular prayer meeting was being held. Peter and John were on their way and healed a man crippled from birth. A casual encounter can have a life changing effects when God is at work through His people.

Keep in mind that though you may be unable to change a situation, you however still have control over how you will respond. When your plans are interrupted, my sista , take a deep breath (I do that a lot nowadays) and give yourself time to think before you react. Realize that each encounter is a divine appointment, each problem another opportunity for God to show you His faithfulness. When a difficult situation arises, will you choose to rest in Him? When a desired outcome is delayed, are you willing to listen for the lesson in the detour? Are you willing to receive the unexpected gifts a day brings and be open to divine appointments?

On a last note sistas,ec2dcedd68e9d90651502f4a659b237f

Everyday I learn that whatever comes my way is divinely orchestrated. So let end the year and start a new year gearing up to do exploit round about.

Encourage. Empower. Conquer


Then what god will be able to rescue you from my hand?

This question was taken from Daniel chapter 3 verse 15d. The past couple of days for me has really been hellish. Sleep for me now is a very expensive commodity. In short the Lord has been dealing with me in certain areas of my life that I have held on to. He God allowed people once gain to deal with me. This dealing of course included betrayal of trust. It included people who asked me indirectly or even directly the question that King Nebuchadnezzar asked the trio of Shedrach, Meshach and Abednegoin the above named chapter.

You see in Daniel Chapter 3, King Nebuchadnezzar whom I will call ‘King Nebu’ here made a gigantic image of gold that was of an epic proportion and placed it in the province of Babylon and issued a decree that as soon as everyone which included government officials heard the sound of flute, horn, lyre, harp and other musical equipment that everyone was to fall down and worship King Nebu’s gold image and that punishment for not doing so was to be thrown into a blazing furnace.

Some amebo people in the employ of King Nebu just like Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego were went and told King Nebu that these guys were not following orders. King Nebu in anger sent these young  men to the blazing furnace which he gave instructions that it should be heated seven times hotter than the usual. I want to tell us that King Nebu asked these young men to bow to his image after the sound of the musical instrument and that if they refused, ‘He king Nebu will see the god that will be able to rescue them from his hands’

My sisters how many times have we played god to our fellow human beings? Because we see or perceive that we have an edge or power over someone we want to lord it over that person. We even get to the point of micro managing the person. It is worst when you have this feeling that what ever you have the edge over the other person is very important to that person, so you tighten the noose. Like I said, the Lord allowed people to deal decisively with me the past few days because i realized that I played a tin god over someone that really needed my help. I denied that help because I felt I was more superior like King Nebu and in my mind I said, ‘let me see who will help you with this…..’. Aaah! God who loved me so much sent someone else to do it to me big time and this person or even persons were people I trusted to finish. My sleep went! My peace went!! My joy went!!!

I complained to God, whined, sulked just name it until because this my God is a merciful God who said that He will have mercy unto whom He will have mercy told me where my problem came from. I will make amends because I was told that if I did not He God will allow things like that to continue. Now my sistas who is that person that borrowed money from you to do a business and because she borrowed money from you her joy and peace went with that? If you people are together in a gathering you will talk down on her and generally make people to understand that you did something important in her life. Who is that sista you introduced to a business because she confided in you about the challenges she was going through. You did the introduction but you started micro managing her, seeing her as if she wanted to take your shine because she seemed to have  grasped the business faster than you thought so you antagonize her and do all sorts of things to her because it was you that showed her the way. Are you that sista that will lend money and charge exorbitant interest to your fellow sista because you think that there is nothing that she can do. You can also see these in churches and fellowships. The woman who is in charge feels that she can take away positions and give or nominate this sista to this or that committee because of the small position she is occupying. She can hire and fire and she will be hiding behind spirituality as she is bringing one down and taking one up. Depending on how she feels per time that determines how she behaves to her fellow sistas. At the back of her mind she is saying let me see who will help you get out of this. Queen Nebu!!!!

There is this particular chorus that has been going round and round in my head lately it goes thus;

You are the Lord that is your name, you will never share glory with any man, you will never share your glory with anybody, Almighty God that is your name!

God is God and He will never allow what He created to start acting like Him. My sista did you know that for this particular time God gave you a certain wisdom to help your fellow women? Did you consider that that information you gave to a fellow sista was God instructed? Did you……? Did you……? I am also asking myself the same questions. My sistas times are hard in Nigeria and trust me people are going through so much. Lets try to be kinder people for goodness sake and you see this behavior is worst amongst those people who claim to be believers. A 35 year old doctor committed suicide recently in Lagos, south west Nigeria. There were so many reasons that surfaced after his death of which one was that he  was a sickler and hence suffered from occasional seizures. No one knew how he had been taunted in the past. How he had been deprived from doing so many things because of his peculiar challenges. I read that an exam he had been preparing for a long time was denied him because they felt he could not handle the attendant stress associated with the specialization. Like I said so many reasons came out after the poor man had died.

One thing I came out with these past days was that I am loved to have been chastised by my heavenly Father. It could have been worst. I see myself indeed priviledged to have recieved an answer to why all those things were happening at the same time. What if I didn’t have a relationship with my God how would I know? Sistas alot of closed windows and doors we might be experiencing now might just be because of our past behavior to our fellow human being. Repent of your ways and it will be well with you and I.

I have been off the blogging radar for a while. It will really be nice if you can drop a comment or two. You can reach me using these twitter handles @ursistalways and @alwaysister. Or you can reach me on facebook with the name Chikadibia Kate Obiechina. My instragram handles also are @ursistalways and @alwaysissy. Godbless




Allowing God To Work With The Pauses Of Our Lives

Lately I started feeling that God was not sensitive to all the delays (pauses) in my life. Haba! Is He not aware? So much is happening, so much has happened and I am wondering if His heavenly radar is off me. There are things I have been praying for and have prayed for yet no sign! I have been mistreated, I have kept my cool when trampled on. I have tried to be patient with so much ill treatment all in a bid to remain …….. You what? Something changed when I had to read the book of Esther because of a plan I started on YouVersion. Esther showed me that all those pauses I felt were unnecessary delays from God were for a reason . Now let’s see if you will get my drift.

I can almost imagine the scene, a beautifully decorated table adorned with all the king’s favorites from first course to last course…every detail of this important night was purposely planned and executed. Esther was a queen who knew her king, and her king liked banquets….he liked them a lot actually.

So what better way to speak to her king on her people’s behalf than to first invite him and his buddy to a special meal! Come on girls, we all know one of the best ways to our men’s hearts is through their stomachs! Esther was no fool.

But something happened that night at the banquet, somewhere between appetizers and dessert, Esther sensed God guiding her to wait in sharing her request with the king. Imagine how hard that must have been! The pressure of thousands of men, women and children’s lives were at stake. Her words had to be perfect, the meal flawless. Everything needed to go exactly as planned…and then it didn’t. Personally in situations like this, I’d just as rather get it over with than extend the agony of waiting one more day and planning one more dinner party. But not Esther, she was a woman who was willing to wait on the Lord, even if it didn’t make sense to her at the time. Her trust was firmly planted in God, in His will, and in His timing. She was willing to wait if that was what her Lord was guiding her to do.

And so she waited.

“If the king regards me with favor and if it pleases the king to grant my petition and fulfill my request, let the king and Haman come tomorrow to the banquet I will prepare for them. Then I will answer the king’s question.” Esther 5:8

Esther was a queen who knew the power of when to speak and when to remain quiet.

“A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in setting of silver.” Proverbs 25:11

The right words said at the right time, in the right setting, that’s what Esther was aiming for. Sometimes we know what needs to be said, but the timing is off. Esther felt God press the delay button and so she postponed her request.

“God put it into Esther’s heart to delay her petition a day longer; she knew not, but God did, what was to happen in that very night.”- Matthew Henry

God was busy working in Esther’s period of waiting.

He does the same for us.

Sweet friend, don’t be discouraged if you are in a season of waiting. Don’t loose heart if you feel like God has had you press the “pause” button. Maybe it’s the desire to get married, but the right guy hasn’t come into your life yet. Or maybe it’s the desire to start a family, yet God hasn’t blessed you with a child. Maybe, just maybe, it’s in the silence, the unanswered prayers, the delay…the pause of life that God is working behind the scenes, writing an amazing turn of events story that is yet to be revealed.

Sometimes I think God does some of His best work in the “pauses” of our lives.

Don’t lose heart, sweet sister, if you are in a “pause”…you never know what God’s tomorrow will bring.

A sleepless night was on the horizon and an amazing turn of events was in the works.

I believe that you can understand why I have realigned myself to know that He my great God will work out His great purpose for my life in due time. With or without the pauses of my life. In due time He will come through.