About Today’s Sistas

One day as I was going through mentally what I felt I had achieved with my life, I came to a rude awakening that I have not done much of intellectual work ! To prove it I went to my shelf and found thousands of books that I bought and never read.

Shocking to say the least! It made me think, does it mean women of today don’t read or what.  It was shocking because as I flipped through those books  I saw information that women of my age, younger and older should have known and maybe if we knew those things our lives would have been better.  Today’s women  grapple with so much. They deal with the home, family, school runs, work, church and fellowship activities to mention a few.

Today’s Sistas blog will share information on lifestyle, health, home-keeping, advocacy, fashion, children, men (yeah, even our husbands), finance  relationships of all kinds or at least as God ordained it to be, empowerment, women development etc

Let me read and bring those information in an easy, point to point and humorous way. I promise not to bore you. Stick with me and we will have fun!



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