Giving Your Self Confidence A Boost

One of the things I set out to achieve with this blog was to share information on life style, health, home keeping, advocacy, fashion, children, men, finance, relationships of all kind as long as it is pleasing to God and etc. You might need to refresh your memory by visiting the,  ‘About Today’s Sistas Page’, ( thank you for passing by). Now we are going to know about boosting our self confidence, you see I came across this article somewhere and after reading I felt there was need to share it so here we go.

Feeling down is something that happens naturally occasionally. But if you find out that this has become a constant thing with you then SISTA you need something to be done about your self confidence. Self confidence is not only important for success but also  a very attractive quality to friends and the opposite sex. Self confidence can help one in their personal life. To be self confident, you don’t have to be conceited. Confidence is a presence you present. It shows through you being kind, direct, calm and in control. It shows you are capable without being cocky. We women need a little extra self confidence in today’s society which unfortunately keep telling us through all the forms of media that we aren’t worth anything unless we look like a model, wear size 4 or 6 and have a celebrity wardrobe. Sistas, listen you don’t need any of those things to have a great life. Those things don’t make you important, beautiful or better than others. They also don’t automatically give you happiness. Below are some ways you will employ to boost your self confidence the right way and you’ll not only feel happiness but show it too.


  • SMILE: Smiling is one of the best ways to boost your self confidence . The act of smiling constitutes SEROTONIN production in the brain which make you happy. We are all more confident when we are happy . Smiling also shows your true self without constraints. When you genuinely smile, it helps you not only appear confident but it feels it too. Smiling is one of the most attractive qualities you can possess, so start grinning and get confident.
  • WEAR YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR: My favourite color is, hmm! White! it is not that I wear white all the time but it comes in handy on the days I need a boost morally!  I wear it on the days I want to feel more like myself, more together and more sophisticated. For you it could be any colour  but whatever colour it is, wear it and you will naturally feel more confident.
  • DRESS YOUR AGE AND COMFORTABLY: No one feels comfortable when they dress uncomfortably. To all those sistas who want to dress like their teenage daughters when they should not, abeg make una stop am! When you do this you end up tugging this way and that , pulling this way and that . Don’t wear pants or skirts or blouses that are too tight or too loose. No one cares how old you are or what size you wear except you and wouldn’t you rather feel comfortable and look better than fit in a certain size or wear clothes that make you feel frumpy, jor o! I know I would!
  • EAT HEALTHY: When we eat healthy food, our skin looks better and we all  better know we feel better about ourselves when our skin looks better. To look pretty eat pretty. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, lots of green stuff, proteins and healthy fats. Eat less of sugar refined stuff and processed stuff (believe me I am struggling to stop eating them sugar and processed food)
  • SPEAK YOUR MIND: Sometimes when you don’t feel confident you can’t defend yourself, you find it difficult voicing an opinion or give your input in a conversation, but you should. Speaking your mind is a great way to boost your self confidence . You will feel better just by speaking what you feel, even if no one agrees. If everyone else is allowed to give their input, why shouldn’t you?
  • WRITE IT OUT: Writing out your feelings, goals or struggles can be a major self confidence booster. For starters, it allows you to tangibly tap into your head, heart and mind which have been taken over by anxiety, fear and worries. Not writing things down can lead to stress, confusion, and the inability to make decisions. I have a journal where I write down everything and anything that is important to me. I always go back to this journal to remind myself of decisions I took or have taken or about to take. My journal is where I run to when I need to talk to someone and there is nobody.
  • FIND GOOD FRIENDS: If you have friends that always put you down down, this is the time to let them go. If you have friends that are rude, make you feel bad, brings down your self esteem, please let them go. You need to be around people that support you for you.  The right friends might be just around the corner, but you will not find them if you constantly stay around the ones that hurt you instead of support you. Good friends can make us feel more self confident by boosting our self esteem, encouraging us and being  there for us. They also make us laugh and make us feel important.
  • FIND A HOBBY: When you look deep inside you will notice that there is a hobby or talent you really enjoy and you are not pursuing. Indulging in something that interests you is what makes you tick. It engages you, lifts your spirit and gives you confidence. Even if others don’t like or approve of what you are doing but as long as it is making you happy please go on with it. For me it is watching movies, cooking and helping out the needy. To that end I have just registered an NGO to cater to the needs of young girls and women. Every time I am working on this my project I feel excited and on top of the world, what about you?
  • EXERCISE: Aside from your your weight, exercise is such an important activity. It send ENDORPHINS flying throughout your body which not only make you happy, but also make you confident. When you take care of your body, you will automatically feel more confident.
  • GIVE TO OTHERS: One of the best ways to make yourself more confident is to genuinely help other people with the right heart and attitude. You won’t even realize it makes you more confident, but it does. Deep within all of us is the ability and need to help others. Find this part of yourself and become happier, more confident, and more engaged in the world around you. You don’t have to do some massive act either. Get creative and start giving.

Self confidence is easy to achieve when we do these things. Now that I have done my bits I want you my readers to add or share with me those things you do to boost your confidence. It will be fun to see the things we can do to boost our confidence. Shalom!


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