Having A Renewed Mind

Happy New Year Sisters. Been a while. Been involved in so many things at the same time. My heart was always yearning to upload a post but somehow I kept shifting it up until this time. My sincere apologies. The new year is about two months and some days gone. Some of us made several resolutions and decisions on how they will run with their visions this year but have we asked ourselves if truly we have seriously decided to make this year worthwhile?. If we have  done some major decisions it means that we expect some changes in our lives and for us to have this changes in our lives we must change the way we think. We must make a conscious effort to renew our mind. We must recycle the things we have stored in our mind to have a new mind set. Before I continue we must examine what exactly is this mind. Some of us confuse the mind with the heart because I hear people say, ‘ my mind is telling me this ‘, ‘my heart is telling me that’ etc.

The mind is that part of a person that makes a person to be aware of things . The mind has to do with thinking (thoughts), feelings, intellects, memory , conscious/subconscious, emotions, will etc. The mind acts as the intelligence officer of a person’s life. The mind is what does the reasoning , working things out, deciding what is good and what is bad and choosing the way in life. The bible says: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23v7). Lets come out of this definition knowing that the mind is the intelligence officer of a person’s life.

The mind is located somewhere in the heart area. No one can really say this or that is where the mind is located. That is why people often mistake the two . The heart as we all know is that part of the body that sends blood through out the body. It is at the left hand side of the breastplate of the chest called sternum. That is all I know about the heart o. The two that is the mind and the heart are devil’s constant battle ground. When the battle is in your mind and you allow it to be defeated it will manifest  physically. The reason most of us keep going in circles in life is because the devil attack where our decisions, emotions, feelings etc are kept and because we allow him to succeed in winning those battles in our mind our lives most often is ruined because at the end of the day the way we think affects our businesses, career, relationships etc.

People have different types of mind that they operate. For us to make a conscious effort to renew our mind this year and beyond we must examine these different types of mind and how they affect us.

  • Suspicious Mind: The suspicious mind is always ill at ease  and always spotting hidden  meanings nobody else even considers are there. It is a devastating way to live. The person views the world through a hyper vigilant lens and left unchecked suspicious thinking can evolve into a paranoid personality disorder, a state in which you may not even think you have a problem.
  • Carnal Mind : This mind is evil and worldly in nature. It is the mind that is interested in the things of flesh, giving supreme attention to things that are not of God. It is usually a state of supreme selfishness.
  • Dubious/ Deceitful Mind: This is a mind that is crafty and wants to always cheat or deceive. The person is usually doubtful, uncertain and wavers here and there. They are never straight forward.
  • Difficult Mind: This kind of mind poses difficulty in everything. This mind thinks of things in a difficult manner. Where others  are not seeing difficulty is where she will see one.
  • Troubled/Worrying Mind: This mind worries and troubles at every little thing that happens around them. They are usually bound by fear,and anxiety. They always worry themselves sick and always feel they are never good enough for anything.
  • Argumentative Mind: This mind is argumentative in nature. She argues about anything and everything. Everything she does ends up in argument.
  • Gossipy Mind: This kind of mind has been poisoned by gossip. This mind is filled with negative and unpleasant thought and never has anything good to say about people.
  • Reprobate/ Rebellious Mind: This kind of mind is incorrigible. It rebels against authority. The person with this kind of heart is usually an insurbordinate, resisting authority all the time.

From the foregoing, we can see that quite a lot of us have been hindering ourselves from moving forward in life because of the way we think.  Now for us to change our mindset there things we should do and they are as follows

  • Re surrender: To surrender means you are renewing your whole body , soul and spirit to the Lord, Luke 10 v 27 . For us to renew our minds we must go back on daily basis to the creator of heaven and earth to resubmit and realign our mind, will and emotions with the purpose of God. Make out time to re surrender yourself to Him daily.
  • Rejoice: Always ensure that you rejoice the in Lord always Phil 4 v 4. Whenever we find our strength through the joy of the Lord, He renews our desire to please Him in all respects. By delighting in the Lord He gives us the desires of our hearts.
  • Remember: The good things you have and are becoming in Christ. People who have forgotten the benefits of being in Christ tend to slip back in to mediocrity and self destruct.
  • Reckon. Too many people allow  the old desires to be fed instead of feeding from the spirit’s supernatural. Please  calculate all the benefits you have in Christ’s forgiveness, hope, faith and love. Compare these benefits with the empty promises offered by fleshly desires.
  • Reconsider: Reconsider all of the negative conditioning that has led you in the past and realize you need to reprogram your thinking to what is excellent, good, honorable, right, true and worthy of praise. Without an effort to reconsider how our faulty assumptions affect our decisions making we will tend to operate under the same old destructive thought patterns.
  • Replace: Replace what is fleshly with what is God’s word. Put away anger, jealousy, wrath, slander etc and put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, bearing with one another and forgiving each other just as Christ has forgiven you  Eph 4 v 22 -32.
  • Realize: God’s will for your life is what is best in all situations. Commit everything to God in prayer. Be aware that God’s will is better than all human ways, human perspective and human patterns. Prayerful people are better able to perceive what God wants to bring to life through and in their relationships, career, activities etc.
  • Reconcile: Try and reconcile with those who are in conflict with you. Develop the attitude of blessing those who persecute you and pray for those who try to do you harm.
  • Resist: Do not conform to the world. Do not allow the world to tell you what to do. Resist to be proud, boastful, divisive, rude or argumentative.

Renewing our minds is a must for us to make head way this year in anything we are doing or want to do. This will enable us to achieve great fetes all around, be it in our jobs, businesses, church, fellowships, etc.  On a final note lets add to the bouquet of things we would do this year  to have  the mind of Christ (Philp 2v5), The mind of love (Matt 22 v37),  wise and understanding mind (Proverbs4v7), courageous mind (Joshua 1v6)  humble and meek mind. Shalom!


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