Reasons Why It Is Okay To Make Mistakes.

Mistakes according to Collins Concise Dictionary is an, “error or blunder in action and opinion”. The second definition was that it is, “a misconception or misunderstanding”. People make mistakes, everyone will probably make a mistake at one point or the other in their life. Making mistakes Sistas, is part of growing up -physically and spiritually. Just like a child will make mistakes as he / she grows in life, we can expect to make mistakes  in life and as we grow in our walk with God. George Bernard Shaw said and I quote, “A LIFE SPENT MAKING MISTAKES IS NOT ONLY MORE HONOURABLE, BUT MORE USEFUL THAN A LIFE SPENT DOING NOTHING”  Proverbs 24 v 16, (NIV)  and I quote again, FOR THOUGH THE RIGHTEOUS FALL SEVEN TIMES, THEY SHALL RISE AGAIN….”  Psalm 37 v 24 (ESV) said and I quote, ” THOUGH HE FALL, HE SHALL NOT BE CAST HEADLONG, FOR THE LORD UPHOLD HIS HAND”

The fear of making mistakes can prevent one from trying anything new or moving out of our comfort zone, trust me I have been there. This is a terrible waste of skills and talents and robs one off from truly enjoying life.

The word “mistakes” usually strike fear in a lot of people’s mind when it really shouldn’t . They are actually good things not bad. You can’t grow if you don’t allow yourself to make mistakes. The trick is to focus on what you learned from the mistake and improve.

Walter Anderson in his book, THE CONFIDENCE COURSESEVEN STEPS TO SELF FULFILMENT”, says, ‘In order to live a fulfilled life, to feel exhilarated by your accomplishment, to work well, you must expect mistakes to occur and you must practice what I call RIP, which stands for, RESPONSIBILITY, INSIGHT AND PERSPECTIVE. It also means as you know REST IN PEACE, which in itself may not be a bad way to look at your mistakes”

It is not worth wasting your time agonizing over things in the past my sistas, it saps energy, initiations time etc. You just need to recognize that you simply made a mistake. That doesn’t mean you are a failure, Mbanu!  because you  committed a blunder somewhere. MY dear know that you and that costly mistakes no be one o at all. You learned something valuable from it and Nne! move forward! . When you move on, it means you can focus on a solution and be far further ahead than if you’d never allowed yourself to make the mistake.

Lots of times when we make mistakes, we find out that we just learned a different strategy. Your actions probably were not getting what you wanted so you needed to think of a different way. That is not a mistake, that is simply exploration and discovery. You understand what I am saying? Knowing all these will make you know that to make a mistake in your life is the key to happy living.

Now sistas, here is a list of reasons you should know why I now don’t berate myself much when I commit any blunder.


As adults, when you make mistakes, you are bound to learn from them, because when you consider the pain, shame, humiliation you suffered, you will not want a repetition. It will make you to be matured and thats where the saying, ” once bitten, twice shy comes into play”.

2.   WE ALL DO IT.

When you realize say no be only you dey fumble, you go adjust and realize say this thing no dey peculiar to you alone.


As human beings we are not perfect. Every person is special and unique in their own way and making mistakes is part of being human.


Remember Jimmy Cliff‘s, ‘YOU CAN GET IT IF YOU REALLY WANT, BUT YOU MUST TRY AND YOU SUCCEEDS AT LAST” song way back?  Being able to try again and again until you get it is one perk of making mistakes. There is always a room for improvement with mistakes.


I am a living testimony to this, Chai!  life dealt me a bad hand some years ago and when I got up from where I fell I became something else. I told myself that I will not be caught unawares again and I started thinking of how to show my detractors that I am not where I fell, I exchanged my naivety for ruggedness, my foolishness to wisdom and today I am amazed at the things I can do. Sistas, don’t get me wrong but I want to tell you that mistakes will make you move instead of being stationary.


People know when you are naive, non-challant,  giving ,sensitive etc and want to mess you up. It is unfortunate that people usually take advantage of people’s personalities. Some for good purpose while others for very bad purpose. If you are the kind of person that is too soft, people will mess you big time. By the time you must have had several ugly and nasty experiences, you will sit back and adjust yourself for the better.

In conclusion, for me sistas, I now see making mistakes as a university where you alone is the student o, my prayer for all of us is that even if we fall a zillion times that we will rise with God being our helper.


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