Loving Who You Are.(Being Fearfully And Wonderfully Made, Psalm 139 v 14)

We live in a world where loving who you are created to be is tough. Many times society ingrains in us  a sense of never being good enough and that the only way to be great is to be like every one else. Internet, magazines, television, radio etc all abound on how things should be. Well Sistas, let me tell you, they all are sadly mistaken. Not being able  to love who you are is one of the most important challenges to overcome. I must say sistas that if you are not careful  you will listen to all the nonsense that the society is saying. Sistas, my bible told me me in Psalm 139 v 14 that and I quote, “I PRAISE YOU BECAUSE I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE: YOUR WORKS (BY THE WAY WHICH INCLUDE ME) ARE WONDERFUL, I KNOW THAT FULL WELL”. (NIV). THE MESSAGE BIBLE even put it more deliciously, if there is a word like that, it said, ” I THANK YOU, HIGH GOD- YOU’RE BREATHTAKING! BODY AND SOUL, I AM MARVELOUSLY MADE! YOU KNOW ME INSIDE AND OUT, YOU KNOW EVERY BONE IN MY BODY……..”. Pheew! what more do we need to know? You see sistas, I am on the big side and I tried to make myself fit into what the world says I should be and I tried and tried and to some extent I am still trying though just to keep fit, then I woke up one day and this passage of the bible hit me and I looked it up from different translations of the bible and immediately I took a firm decision to make myself happy, OROBO or not, LEKPA or not jor. Now let me tell you some reasons why you should love who God created you to be because each day I look at myself and these reasons go through my mind.


Sistas, see don’t bother about the kind of body type you have, what your personality is like, or who your parents are. Remember, Psalm 139 v 14 said, I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are your works (which include you) and that my soul knoweth right (KJV). Now go look in the mirror, yes, right now. You can’t possibly tell me that the wonderful woman looking right back at you is ugly. My sista, you are beautiful oooo and it is a wonderful reason to love who you are. Who get nose like you? Who em mouth resemble your own? Who get your eyes, yes those lovely eyes?


Being able to love who you are is important o to live your day properly. And loving the person you have turned out to be is the first step. If you don’t love who you are then somebody else will tell you otherwise. A lot of times, we forget about the importance of showing ourselves love. Abeg! my sistas, make you carry those hand wey Papa God give you wrap around yourself and tell yourself that He God look you finish come send em only begotten son, Jesus Christ to die for you, that for Christ to have done this, it means you  are worth something. Love yourself no matter what!


Unless like the home video in Nigeria will show us, (NOLLYWOOD), You have an evil twin somewhere in this universe (just kidding), know there is onlly one like you. There is none like you. You are unique, and special in your own way and that is not going to change. It is mind buggling to know that there is no one like you in this whole wide world. You are one of a kind. That to me is something to make me love me!


Loving who you are is a wonderful confidence booster. Being able to know you are fabulous will enable you to be fabulous in everything you do. If you have confidence in yourself it will translate to your relationships, businesses, career etc.


The woman who knows herself and the God she is serving will be serene, she will have this peace and joy about her. Simplicity, serenity and tranquility of spirit is possible for the woman who simplifies her life and learns to rest in God. When you love who you are, you will know that no matter what challenges life brings your way, you will offer everything to God through an accepting faith, trusting in His ability to provide for and protect you.


Knowing who you are means that you will not tolerate put downs. Put downs are situations that will try telling you otherwise what you are and your capabilities. They are friends who will want to put you down, (unfriendly friends) if you know what I mean. They are people that you will mentally and always put yourself down for.  NOOOO! you don’t need these category of people. They are parasites, they are not healthy for a happy life. So do away with those kind of friends.

Loving who you are in this our contemporary world can be a handful but when you realize who you are, it becomes amazingly easy. I want to conclude that loving yourself means that you have to love your heart, mind, body, spirit, soul, personality and God. My hope is that when you chance on this blog post, you will stop seeing yourself through the eye of the world.




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