Safeguarding Your Family On The Internet 1

What I will share today is a challenge that I have been wondering on how I will overcome . As if by the Holy Spirit leading recently  I saw how to solve it, how ? I subscribe to a lot of sites, blogs etc, and once in a while, somebody writes on something that is and has been an issue to me and to a lot of mothers, women and  sisters and immediately like this particular case I decided to share.

It is unfortunate but the world we all live in now is a wretched and sinful one. we are constantly bombarded with things we have to protect our children from. We live in the time of smartphones (Blackberries, Iphones, Ipads, Play station portable PSP etc ). Most of us parents buy these phones for our children for status sake and we do not stop to wonder on the kind of pornography and vivid images our children and husbands are exposed to daily. As a woman with a blackberry and an Ipad, I know the kind of information I get and I shudder when I think about such information getting into the hands of juveniles. For blackberries? goodness! the kind of videos and pictures I get from friends all in the name of fun and rebroadcasting, you will not believe it. On Valentine day, February 14th, this year. I got some obscene videos and pictures and I had to calmly explain to the senders to desist from sending such to me whether as on I need to know basis on otherwise.

Now according to what I read, I will share some of the protective ways I learnt to protect my family. In my house I am the only one, me (MOM) who is always a step ahead in the I.T world. I know the password to everybody’s email after I created them including my husband’s. If any game is to be installed, I do the installing, any site is to be visited, I am told about it and I check the site before giving the go ahead. My husband put me in charge because he saw that I can pull my weight where  computers and the internet is concerned

Now lets get down to some serious business on how you can protect your family from pornography. I will try, the list is not exhaustive  but it will get you started.

1. Install safety soft ware

I remembered when I was working in a government office, the I. T unit blocked some sites in the office so that staff will not have access to those sites while working. Those include porn sites, and some of the social media. Management of my office felt staff were using office hours to entertain themselves. I also know for certain that this is the case in other government offices including banking sector. Now since I left working for the government and on my own, I am  virtually on line for one thing or the other, with the help of my husband (bank rolling the expenses) and a dear friend who is an expert in these matters we got the soft wares and blocked some sites I felt my children might have access to on days I am not on my guard. As a parent ask around and you will get these soft wares- it is worth the money you will buy it. It lets you do a bunch of things- like put block and allow specific website for our children. I can allow them to log on for a certain time of the day, for only a specific amount of time, or all kinds of other parameters. My tween who is 12 going on 13 can log in with his own password, at home, and can go onto approved websites that I have specifically allowed. NO social media or chat rooms or any website that contain certain searches. Let me tell you the story behind my taking this particular step. Some 3- 4 years ago, my 2 boys an daughter were really small. Every day I picked them from school, they will tell me about cartoon network and the games they could play online. Each day it was the same story and I said okay, lets do this, I got my modem and installed it in their desktop and clicked on the website address they gave me, Sisters you will not believe it, as the page was half way open, a porn site came up and if not that I was the one checking this out I would have sworn my children opened that page deliberately. Before the cartoon page open up fully about 2 different porn sites came up and to add to my dismay, when the page was up, there on one of the games listed for my children to click was a full blown porn site! all it needed was for kids my to click and VOILA!. Fortunately my kids were not around me as I was checking this thing out, there were in the sitting room watching their beloved cartoon while I was in their room doing this.

2. Computers or laptops or Ipads in common areas

Like I said my kids’ computer is in their room and I am constantly there, there room is an extension of mine, and we operate an open door policy. So at any time I can pop in to know what they are up to. No Ipads are allowed, my Ipad and their dad’s is locked with a password and we keep changing the password and of course they are no go areas. They are not allowed to go to others friends’ homes where they have internet access or cable/satellite TV in their rooms most especially where the decoders are controlled by the children. I don’t care if it offends those people but hey I got a family to protect!

3. NO internet on phones 

I am not opposed to kids having a cell phone, but to own a blackberry or phones with internet? Come On! My children have had phones for as long as they could say Hello? It is easier for me to always know how they are when I am not at home. The phones my kids have even my tween boy is the one without internet, so the possibility of installing apps is not there. Texting has no picture sharing. Him and his siblings can only text family members, Shikenah! For the most part, my kids rarely text but then again it is for my piece of mind jare!. I t enables me know know what they are up to at any time. Parents buying all these Iphones, Ipads, Blackbery for their kids, hmmm? when jungle matures I wonder who you will blame ooo. Do you know how many kids including husbands that are hooked on pornography already? Recently in one of the south south states of my country, a story broke of 2 teenage boys that raped their younger step sister to death! Stay tuned to the concluding part shortly.


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