When No One Understands

When I got into facebook, I got in because  I wanted to connect with my secondary school classmate, my university mates and possibly my primary school mates (in short this category fascinated me, yeah right I thought, primary school mates !) But somewhere along the line, I made friends with a lot of women who needed an avenue to vent. Vent their anger, show that they have arrived, show new clothes and styles they sowed and some shared their disappointment in their relationships. The list was and is endless. The category of women that I quiet identified with because hey I am a woman were the ones who posted the challenges they were having in their homes, career etc.

As long as we are on this planet, we will surely have  our share of struggles, they can come from our husbands, children, our work (oga and madam at the top), business and other stress load. They are all part of living life on planet earth. Sistas as our faces are different, our challenges are different. One woman has a child with learning disability, another has a child that drives his teachers and classmates crazy with his know it all attitude. One woman has a romantic, sensitive husband while another has a husband who flips at the slightest provocation, screams and yells at everyone in the house. One woman struggles to make ends meet because either she has a layabout as a husband or that the husband is out of work. Another woman is also having problems because the husband is a workaholic, she and the children really see him. One woman has a husband who travels a lot and when the wife calls another woman picks the call. Another woman has a husband who visits home because he renegaded on his responsibilities as a father. Another woman  is everywhere, today London, tomorrow USA, next tomorrow Australia , while another suffers a debilitating disease.

You name the challenge and you will a woman facing it. When I saw all these status on facebook or any other social media that I am on, I say a prayer for such a woman and I feel that after all I am not alone, and that helped me a lot my sistas. Now sistas, don’t think that that woman that jets all over the world is immuned to challenges of life, haa! We will be somewhere envying her and wishing that we could trade places with her, but if she opens her mouth, you will tremble.

All our lives are riddled with trials, hardships and circumstances that truly no one else can understand. I get the feeling that my husband who I live in the same house with our kids  don’t even get it! But you know what sistas, Jesus sees and He knows, Halleluyah! He is the only one that understands all our challenges. He can sympathize with our struggles because He was born to die for us. Jesus felt temptation to the fullest degree but He did not give in. He suffered deeply for us. We serve a God who understands ooo.


Hebrew 4 v 15 says, “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just  as we are – yet he did not sin”. Our God is not a distant God – He came near by dying on the cross for our sins and after he rose from dead – before he ascended into heaven, his last words were that he would send the Holy Spirit– the ultimate comforter to be with his children. We do not need to walk this road of challenges alone. we are the children of the Most High God! He is with us every step of the way.

You known there are days you will be overwhelmed by issues  and challenges but know that you are not alone, look for a good friend you can share your problems with not a blabber mouth, join an all women fellowship, be involved in your church evening programmes, make out time to spend with God, read your bible and meditate ( by the way you need the Holy Spirit to explain the scriptures to you). My sistas what I have just told you have helped me to find comfort in my personal struggles and they are many.

I urge you my sistas to use this period leading up to Good Friday and the Easter celebrations, to draw near to God in his word and prayer. Open to the gospels, breathe in his love and truth and exhale all your burdens. It is well and don’t forget that God understands.



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