Prayer Journal To the Rescue

Gods Woman restingAs I look back to all my struggles to maintain a time with God, I realize that God allowed all that to happen because He knew that a time will come when I will share this with you my sistas. Let me explain better, you see all my life, scribbling things came very natural to me. Keeping a journal or diary was my thing. Sometimes when I read those things that I wrote I will wonder if truly, yours truly wrote them. I am not claiming to be Chinua Achebe but to my standard, it was something. Ehen, back to what I was saying. What changed you will ask? Something really simple. I began to journal………I began to write my prayers! Instead of saying my prayers and getting all the distractions of this world, I started writing it o. My journal began as letters to God which quickly evolved into daily conversation with God

Let me tell you how it started. One day I had a fight with a very good friend when I went to her house, you see our friendship brought our husbands together, our kids are about the same ages. The quarrel was over something silly as far as I was concerned. When I left her house I  decided to get some foodstuffs at the market and because I was angry, talking to myself and justifying my actions, I was not paying attention I hit someone’s car. The impact was more on my car and when I called my husband he did not find it funny and in some strong words made me know that. So could a day get any worse? When I got home, I was bedside myself. I needed to vent my anger. I wanted someone to hear my side of the story at least! I entered my children’s room and started putting toys, books, stockings, shoes etc in order and I remembered picking an exercise book that my daughter got from a recent birthday party of her classmate in school. I took it and an idea came to me and I went to that my natures corner and I took a pen and I started  writing a letter to God, explaining how things turned out bad that days. My sistas by the time I was through, goodness! I was relieved and most importantly I saw where I made the mistake and because I was not in control of myself, wrong actions led to other wrong actions. I should have broken the cycle. Anyways, I realized that I was always looking forward to writing my daily activities, my joy. sorrow, disappointments, my children antics, house help issues, wow the list was endless. That was how my prayer journal came to be. See sistas you might need to keep this because , the good thing about this way is that you can get a jotter or thick covered notebook that can fit into you bag. You can pull it out anywhere, office (when you are on break), at home when your children are with you, they can distract with their complaints but you can look up from your prayer journal, pen still poised  and calmly solve the ’emergency’ and pick up where you left off, (no challenge).

You see sistas, in our ever busy schedule as women, mothers, wives etc standing on Christ the solid rock is our sure bet. Putting pen to paper will slow us down, keep us focused on the person we are talking to, the ALMIGHTY GOD, who said in Psalm 50 v 15, “And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me (kjv). My sistas, this has worked for me over the years and I believe that if you want this wonderful God that saw my struggles to spend time with him and gave me this strategy, He will let you know how best to reach Him, He is ever faithful to fail. But if you think this will work for you by all means try it and you will be glad you did.



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