Finding my time in His Presence 2

;-)SPEECHLESS=x_3As my frustration mounted because I had to sort my time with God issues, I had to patiently clarify my request to my children. I explained the fact that they my kids know that God is always  with us and I saw tiny heads bobbing in agreement, I told them that though I know and they too know that God is invincible, that Mummy needs to spend some time with this God and that if I do, I will tell him God that they my kids made it possible and He will reward them. I also told them that I needed somewhere quiet to pray and read my bible in peace in short ALONE. This I believe clinched the deal for me so determined that this time with everybody understanding each other, I  will have at least ten minutes alone with God. And so I locked the door and started my praise before moving in to worship, half way I noticed small piece of papers that materialized from under my door and my children whispering that they were sure God had come down and He was going to show Mummy those papers! By the time I moved to worship, the whispers became louder and they were arguing if Mummy was aware that God was pointing me to those papers, meanwhile sistas, I was trying very hard to keep my focus, but when I struggled with maintaining the said focus I gave up. I opened the sheets of paper to find that, “I want to poopu” was there. “This one pinched me and did face like this to me” was was there. So my sistas, I decided to pray  early in the mornings. I used my phone to set alarm for myself o for 5 am, but do you know that before the alarm goes off, I don use one hand quench am sharpaly sharpaly and continue my sleeping  jor. Body no bi fire wood ojare. The next thing I did was to decide that before I go to bed at night that I will have this my elusive time with my God. Joke of the century! By the time I know wetin dey happen, I am sleeping because I knelt down and kept my head on my bed. If I did not fall asleep eeh, I was busy wondering If my house help locked the gate, parlor and kitchen door or even making a list of the things I will buy from the market or better yet wil be calculating how my waka (movement) will be the next day, chai!

You see my sistas, prayer is the most frustrating aspect of every woman’s walk with God. That is the most singular reason we the mothers and women in the society do not achieve much instead we resort to other very stupid means to achieve our aims. See o sistas, we can send arrow prayers to our enemies when jungle matures or fall to our knees when we are upset with our husbands and in laws.  Aaaa! we can pray in groups or with friends but hey when it comes to consistent one on one communication with God, you go see say e hard!. Watch for how I succeeded at last!


2 thoughts on “Finding my time in His Presence 2

  1. I know sometimes we’re tired and find it difficult to pray. But just spending a few minutes in HIS Presence is what HE requires of us, no matter how tired we might be. On the last Day, we are not going to tell GOD that we were so busy, that is why we could not pray and study HIS Word. Let us see a way we could find time to always communicate HIM.


    • My sista, na true you talk, being busy will not get us to heaven, like you said on the Last day, God will ask us questions we will not be able to answer. Thanks for contributing o nnem


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