Finding That Quiet Time And Place

This blog will start well and by starting well, I want you to know that I am at that point in my life where things must be done in their right order. By right order I mean ensuring that God who is the silent listener in every conversation is involved in this conversation and for Him also to partner with us in this business. Those who support this, say aye! Aha! the ayes have it. You see Sistas, the reason our lives seem hurried and harried is because we  usually do not   put things in their right perspective. Let me ask, Sistas, who is in charge of your lives, homes, career, business etc? A lot of us women wake up like I do occasionally, jump into their kitchen to prepare breakfast  for their families in the morning and snack/lunch for those going to school and thereafter  jump into the bathroom and next off to work or to their business places. Experience has taught me that my day should start with finding God and putting Him first in all things. If we go to God first, He will fill us, help us and stretch our time and day for us. See, Sistas, I don’t know how God does this, I only know that He is Almighty God and He  does things. I will tell you  that for you to overcome the times we are in (terrible times), to have the power that will move whatever it is you want to achieve (hmm?), you must take time to seek God’s will through prayer and reading the bible. Your home, career, business, relationships, health etc depend on it. The purpose of seeking God is not to give you standards to meet, but to bring you to the One who will and can help organize you (if you get my drift) . According to Oswald Chambers (My Utmost for His Highest), he said, ” If we completely give of ourselves physically, we become exhausted. But when we give of ourselves spiritually, we give more strength. Let me leave you to assimilate this for now. In my subsequent posts you will see how this woman, are you looking for the woman? It is me ke! you will see how I fought to establish my time with God. No be small thing o.


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